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Today's Fire Danger is



The forecasted Fire Danger Rating was elevated to  HIGH  on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. 



All fine dead fuels ignite readily and fires start easily from most causes. Unattended brush and campfires are likely to escape. Fires spread rapidly and short-distance spotting is common. High-intensity burning may develop on slopes or in concentrations of fine fuels. Fires may become serious and their control difficult unless they are attacked successfully while still small.


This fire danger level is indicated by the color yellow along with the word HIGH on fire danger signs.



Open burning and use of fire such as Campfires and back yard chimeneas should be avoided entirely

Extreme care should be exercised when cutting and welding outdoors

Properly discard cigarettes after fully extinguishing them

Avoid idling vehicles on the grassy shoulder of roads.





DEC Seeks Public Assistance to Combat Recent Outbreak of Pine Barrens Forest Fires

Following the occurrence of five forest fires on Federal, State, Suffolk County and private lands since mid-April, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Forest Rangers are working with Suffolk County, Brookhaven, Riverhead fire marshals, and Brookhaven National Lab firefighters to deploy new technologies to investigate the potential source/s of these incidents.

State and local officials are asking anyone with knowledge of these fires to contact DEC's Office of Public Protection at (518) 408-5858 or the Suffolk County, Brookhaven, or Riverhead fire marshal's offices.

Besides damaging habitat, uncontrolled fires have the potential to impact nearby residences and pose a risk to volunteer firefighters.

In total the five fires have burned approximately 167 acres in Long Island's Pine Barrens region.

For more information on preventing wildfires, please visit DEC's website.




See our fire prevention pages for more information







Ridge Fire Department, Ridge, NY Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Ridge Fire Department and its members protect and preserve life, property and the environment by providing effective prevention programs and prompt, efficient, professional and highly qualified fire protection and emergency services to the communities within the Ridge Fire District. When possible, we will make our personnel and resources available to our neighboring and external agencies in their time of need, recognizing that we too may require their assistance from time to time in protecting our communities.





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